Roleplaying Guidelines + Activity Check (Read before posting!)

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Roleplaying Guidelines + Activity Check (Read before posting!)

Post by Raspykoo on Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:26 pm

Roleplaying Guidelines

1. Please no Powerplaying, Metagaming,or Godmodding, or Rectconning during roleplaying with others.
Metagaming is a character knowing about knowledge he or she should not know about yet in the role play.
Retconning is when you undo something from a recent event that a character experienced.
Powerplaying is when you do something to the other character without the other person's permission, or control another character. It is also when you assumed something happened in a role play when it clearly didn't. Always ask permission before killing another character!
Godmodding is letting your character have an unreasonable and high level of skill a character has in a certain situation- for example a human character that knows everything about Gallifreyan history and is more intelligent than The Doctor, when they haven't met The Doctor at all.

2. You have to have a canon character or a fan character to role play with before joining! Go here to submit your canon character or fan character for approval.

3. Roleplaying messages have to be at least more than one sentence to be an acceptable post, however the more detail, the better.

4. The general rules also apply to the roleplaying rules in terms of posting material that is inappropriate for some audiences, so please read the rules that apply to the whole TDU website too.

5. First perspective ("I grabbed the pencil") is not allowed. Third perspective ("He grabbed the pencil") is allowed.

6. When talking OOC (Out Of Character) please do it in parenthesis, ex. (I gtg, bye)

Activity check.

A roleplayer has to post at least 2 posts per month to be considered active. If a roleplay posts less than 2 per month, I will send them a warning. The first warning will be labeled "Inactive" Three warnings and they will be listed under the "Abandoned accounts" status in the topic "Account status list" in the Information Database section. To appeal the abandoned account, you have to private message me first (not by email) asking. If you can't reach your account for a later event or for some reason, tell me and I will label your account status as "Inactive" but not abandoned.


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