Canon Character Application Requirements + Canon Character Application Form

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Canon Character Application Requirements + Canon Character Application Form

Post by Raspykoo on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:42 pm

Defining canon-

I believe that a canon character is a character that is apart of a published work, not a fan character.
So in Doctor Who a canon character would be The Doctor or The Master.
I also think that anything canon is anything that is published in the Doctor Who universe, however non canon fan characters are welcomed here as this is TDU, a mix of fan characters and canon characters.


1. You have to accurately portray the character in your application. This means making the character seem exactly like it should behave onscreen, in a novel, on audiobooks or in a comic. We all know the 12th Doctor won't act like the 10th doctor or the 1st Doctor act like the 11th Doctor, for example.

2. We won't accept Classic Who characters for now, unless I hire a moderator that knows Classic Who very well. It is not a part of the TV show that I am familiar with, so I won't be able to assess your abilities. Once our moderation community gets bigger, we can have more people in charge of the approval process besides me.

3. All canon characters can be used by different role players, so please don't create an account made specifically for that canon character. But certain characters, like The Doctor or The Master/Missy, have to meet a certain level scored. Make sure if you are going to play a major character, you have a lot of knowledge of the character in general.

5. To apply for a Time Lord, you can only apply for a certain regeneration you are, or seem the best at. That is recommended for a good experience.


Like fan character applications, your score will be based on a four level system, except there won't be a level 0.5. Here are the requirements for each level:

Level 1:
Character not accurately portrayed at all. Less than 100 words on role playing sample. Does not go in depth at all on the character's traits.

Canon characters allowed: None.

Level 2:
Character somewhat accurately portrayed. 100-200 words on role playing sample. Goes somewhat in depth at the character's traits and personality.

Canon characters allowed: Minor characters.

Level 3. Character accurately portrayed. 200-300. words on role playing sample. Goes in depth at the character's traits, personality, and history.

Canon characters allowed: Slightly major characters, such as companions. Complicated companions such as River Song are not allowed at this level, because they take a lot of explanation to do.

Level 4. Character very accurately portrayed. More than 300 words on role playing sample. Character's traits, personality, and history are very detailed.

Canon characters allowed: All characters, including major characters, such as Missy/The Master or The Doctor. Complicated characters like River Song are allowed too.

Application form for canon characters:

Current regeneration (If Time Lord):
Number of regenerations:
Relationship with other characters:
Role playing sample:

Once you are finished with writing the application form, please submit it here for approval. Good luck!

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